Have You Hugged a Tree Today?

Lily tree -1.jpg

In the beginning there was a tree, there couldn’t have been an apple without one.  Trees were here long before us and will remain long after we are gone.  Standing their ground, reaching to the sky and changing with the seasons, creating a beautiful mosaic of texture and hue. Providing shade in the summer, fruit in the fall, hope in the winter and the promise of renewal in the spring.

Overlook 1-1(s)

They outlive us, outgrow us and outsmart us.  Their pollen is scattered on the wind, SNR snow 2their seeds carried  by the inhabitants of the land.  They move about and yet their roots remain steadfastly anchored to the earth. Pine Savannah at Hawn SP

They are the backbone of the environment; towering above us all they complete the circle of life.  They support all of god’s creatures with the most basic of needs – food, shelter and the very air we breathe. So when you go outside today, take a moment and thank a tree.

Carleigh 1



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