Northeast by Southwest

IMG_2535With a mighty “Ka Thump!” and a resounding “Whoosh!” you are jarred out of an unfitful, upright sleep. Wearily you search for your cell phone and start texting friends, family and neighbors to assure them you have once again arrived safely at your destination a thousand miles away from home. As the plane pulls into the gate, you begin assembling your belongings. Your allotment of two carry-on bags crammed full of all the paraphernalia and personal effects you need for the next four days – sweaters, boots and shoes; two laptops, an e-reader and of IMG_2552course, your camera. With a yawn and a stretch you rise and follow your fellow passengers out of the plane and through the jetway. Trundling your survival gear behind you, you begin your routine Sunday night trek across terminal A. Zombie-like, you shuffle along under the fluorescent lights, past rows of empty seats, abandoned kiosks, shuttered shops and darkened restaurants. Up and down escalators, traversing the vast concourse on moving walkways, you finally emerge into the New England night where you are jolted awake by a frigid blast of bitter cold winter wind. Suddenly semi-envigorated, you muster up a renewed sense of adventure and board the bus to the rental car center. As the clock strikes midnight, a brand new work week begins.

On behalf of Southwest Airlines let me be the first to welcome you to Boston, where the local temperature is 4 degrees



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